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Layout Design

Enhance your business and add value to the planning with the engagement of our services. We bring in the expertise to take full responsibility to carry out the entire chip layout from drawing layout from scratch until the final deliverables.

Focused on the event of mixed-signal ASICs, property (IP) blocks, and IC design services.

We bring expertise in a comprehensive solution, reducing layout time and the risk of error.


Analog & Mixed-Signal Layout Expertise

  • Expertise on a variety of IPs such as SerDes (10, 16, 30 & 56 Gbps), DDRphy, USB 2.0, MIPIphy, and Power management

  • Expanded portfolios of Data converters, clock circuits such as PLL, DLL & oscillators, Regulators, Bias, Bandgap references, Temperature sensors, UVLOs, etc in almost all leading foundries at technologies varying from 500nm BCD to 7nm Finfet

  • Exposure to multiple technology nodes, TSMC FinFet up to 3nm & GF – FDSOI

  • Module or block-level delivery engagement.

  • EMIR, thermal aware EMIR, DFM, Density, Client specific custom rules, and support to PD/chip level issues.

Memory Compiler & Custom Memories

Rich experience with memory platform including a comprehensive set of memory compilers utilizing foundry bit cells.

Expertise in a wide range of memory with a variety of architecture

  • SRAM/DRAM memories

  • TCAM memories

  • Register files

  • ROM

  • Dual/Multi-Port memories

  • MRAM

  • Custom memories

Experienced in a large selection of standard, low power, and yield optimization features, comprehensive Testing & Diagnosis Systems and Self-Test & Repair Solutions

Design & Implementation

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • PPA Analysis-Specification to Architecture

  • Schematic Capture

Physical Implementation

  • Physical layout implementation of Leaf cells

  • Top-Level Integration of Instance

  • Physical Verification


Expertise with multiple std cell libraries at 90nm, 65nm, 45nm, 32nm, 28nm, 20nm, 16FF, 14nm,7nm,5nm,3nm, etc  with leading foundries

Expertise In:

  • Combinational Std Cells

  • Sequential Std Cells

  • Multi height Std Cells

  • Power Cells

  • Pulse latches

  • Flop trays

  • Custom IO std cells

Standard Cell 


Expertise in developing various utilities and Automation for enhancing layout capabilities

  • Flow development 

  • Tool enhancement

  • Layout Scripts to increase layout efficiency

  • Scripts for Porting Technologies

Skill automation for productive layouts

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