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Security Solutions

Nuvem Security Practice provides our customers with a suite of specialized packaged security solutions to meet the needs of educational, government, and commercial organizations. Our security practice offers solutions that span our various business units providing a broad solution


Distributed Ledger Technology (BlockChain)

We focused on creating trust in an untrusting ecosystem, making it a potentially strong cybersecurity technology.


Network Security

We work with you to create solutions that combine multiple layers of defences at the edge and in the network.


Security Risk Assessment

We are focused on delivering the best VA/PT security outcomes for our clients. We'll work with your organization every step of the way- from initial scoping of requirements through remediating vulnerabilities


Endpoint Security

We provide expertise in architecture design, solution overviews, and infrastructure sizing in endpoint security.


Security Operation Center

Enjoy 24*7*365 visibility of your enterprise, to watch and mitigate threats in real-time while ensuring access to the latest trends and solutions.


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